About Us

The Sprouting Minds Mission

Build Bridges

Sprouting Minds participants consistently show distinct improvement in their communication with their families. Our participants leave each session with something exciting to discuss with their loved ones and care givers. Families experience shared pride in their garden, strengthening their bond while stimulating healthy and safe dialogue. Sprouting Minds gardens yield organic fruit and vegetables, and who doesn’t like to eat! Participants from rural Southeast Ohio have even taken vegetables from garden to share with their farm animals.

Grow Resilience 

The resilience approach prioritizes developing safe relationships in the face of trauma. Trauma can lead to anxiety which will lead to an inability to sit still or a lack of impulse control. This can often presents as the commonly diagnosed ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), however, is consistently a symptom of trauma. Countless studies have shown that when children have access to immersive and interactive activities a significant improvement exists in content retention and  engagement. 

Engage community

Sprouting Minds takes an asset based, community development approach. We notice the capacity of ordinary citizens to contribute their gifts to the organization and to local gardening projects happening near them. A Scott’s® representative met a member of the Sprouting Minds team in a hardware store, and was inspired to give back to his community, donating $250 worth of raised bed soil. He made a permanent difference in the lives of children from Southeast Ohio. When we organize the community around possibility vs. problems we are all more empowered through a shared sense of belonging. 

 Sprouting Minds seeks to inspire immersive, trauma-informed, and strength based therapeutic horticulture, developing  at risk youth's resiliency and psychological well-being.